Saturday, November 05, 2005

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How I'd Look Nude If I Had Lots of Plastic Surgery, Hair Extensions, New Longer Legs,

Anymore I truly don't know what I'm doing on Netscape Composer. I tried Window's Office page builder, but that was worse, if that's possible. I'm hoping Dreamweaver is better. And comprehensible.
Pretty soon I have to get dressed. I'm hungry, haven't watered my plants up here, and have to figure out what to wear tonight. My foot is still healing from whatever I did to it weeks ago, so I have to consider my shoes. And whether to use my cane which is actually fabulous but kind of a pain to use, unless it's going to help me from falling, in which case it's worth bringing. We're going to eat at a restaurant in Center City and go see a Jewish movie at the "Y". I enjoy Center City, miss being every week. Actually, I will be there once a week for the next couple of weeks for appointments but now I don't need any more clothes and I don't like the shoes downtown. They're all plastic and the leather ones cost the world. I'm going to get rid of any shoes that might cause me to lose my balance or cause another fall which means I need a different pair of black clogs. Aren't clogs neat? I love to wear colorful socks too and they're usually cheap and so much fun. Of course, my foot has to heal so it doesn't feel like sausage meat in my shoe.
I guess I should go put on some makeup so I don't feel homely, old and fat walking down Broad Street. When I look at my face now, I see my dad and my grandmother, sometimes my mom, depending on the day. I can certainly understand why people go have their fat cut off, hire work out folks, and have face lifts. At the same time, looking old is reality and just being, and I like that. Not being artificially adjusted reflects honesty, and I never was phony.
It's time for me to choose a picture. I picked a nude who's not wearing socks or clogs and isn't me.



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