Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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Moon Kitten Is Angry About the Bus Strike

More computer stuff...I 'removed' the fancy Print Shop, leaving the plebian one in the computer and finally printed a thank you card for the folks I used to work with. And it came out blue. Ugh. I'm guessing the cheap cartridges aren't under quality-control exactly. But! I have a bag of my previously-printed greeting cards in my downstairs studio and I can use one. I'd love to do some cross-dresser or erotic nude but they'd never put it up and nobody would know I said "Thank you."
I owe a thank you today to the Great Spirit for Pumpkin going home and my having been able to get rid of the kitty litter in this room. I was getting used to smelling shit all the time and I didn't think that was a good thing. We bought a battery powered vacuum which is powering up right now to combat the cat detritus. Up here, there's a lot of clean kitty litter flicked onto the rug and Moon Kitten leaves a trail of gray fur wherever he goes. It looks like dust bunnies but it's little gobs of fur. On the other hand, I love that little baby and I don't mind his trash-picking or computer walking very much.
He likes to sit in our living room window and watch the school kids come and go. (I do too. I love their energy and costumes.) Usually there are buses and lots of congestion on our street. Not today though. This week and perhaps for some time, there won't be any buses because they're on strike. So the streets are packed with cars and everyone has to make special plans to avoid rush hour if possible. I'm rising at the crack of dawn tomorrow--about 9:30 AM-- to get a haircut in South Philly and cancelling my Friday visit to my girlfriend's house.
SEPTA is like every other business: they starve the workers and handsomely reward the administration. This country is a mess. Nobody can control the insane amounts of money paid to CEOs and their ilk, but everybody thinks it's okay to cut working people's wages and pensions, and later, their medicare and social security. What's going to happen to us? I guess the folks who can manage will keep ignoring those who are shut out. It's human nature and it's mean. I read today W put forward a new tax scheme that would further enrich the wealthiest 1% of us and hit the middle class even harder than at present. Do working people really want that? What were the people in Nebraska and Kansas thinking when they elected this dolt? Doesn't everybody know about Cheney and Rove or do they not see through their charade? All I know is they make me sick and that increases my love for my Moon Kitty.



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