Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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Drinking Bourbon and Painting

It's only the beginning of the evening, but I've just added the archives to my blog and I'm proud of myself. Of course, I had to set up another blog--for Sammy Dog--and cannibalize it, but in my ignorance of HTML, that's understandable and I'm pleased. I also added a meter so I can see how many people read this and if anybody then goes on to my website. This week, the traffic on my website doubled to more than 1000 people a week from about 750. Originally, the numbers had been in the 1000s, but after a while the erotica viewers realized my stuff wasn't enough of a turn-on, so they went on to real masturbation material. Now, I'm not interested in painting erotica... That phase has ended but I am having fun with painting whatever this stuff is and enjoying the process is really what's important.
I'm going to check my work next-door in my studio, then skedaddle downstairs and have some more bourbon. I had a Bourbon Manhattan with dinner and then a wonderful meal with tuna, anchovies, olives, and linguine in white sauce. I ate too much but still brought some home for breakfast. I guess lower-middle-class artists still can eat pretty well. I had a lovely breakfast too with home-made home fries, ham and eggs. (Harry loves to eat and cooks to make the food exactly the way he wants it. Then I, and sometimes everybody in the family, get to enjoy it too.)
Tomorrow, finally, Pumpkin goes home. He and Moon Kitten sit close to one another, but Pumpkin still makes horrible threatening cat noise to Moon and frightens Moon from wherever Pumpkin wants to go. Pumpkin is like an old, cranky guy. He begs people food from the table and we get a kick out of that, but then he hisses when Moon comes to gawk. Pumpkin shared my ham this morning, but there's nothing like a kitten who walks on your palette and watches every brushstroke as though you're daVinci. That's my Moon.



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