Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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Painting and Spooning Out Babyfood

Rev. G.'s portrait
My keyboard is kind-of loaded with Gerber's baby food chicken for the kittens. Hers is loaded with ground-up kitten vitamins because she has a cold. Harry and I already knocked ourselves out getting an antibiotic into her. That was after the vet's visit. Twenty-five years ago, Anise, my cat, sneezed for sixteen years and it didn't occur to me to take her to the vet. 'Course Autumn sneezes twice and I make the call.
I've been painting the last couple of days. I have a few pieces to put on here when they're all dry, maybe tomorrow. And I have to start matting. I have to order about fifteen or so mattes, then later, frames. That's coming. I used to have little samples in all the colors so I could decide what color to make the new mattes. But this year I used them all as backing because I realized the backs didn't show and I could save money. I'm always interested in cutting costs. Art hardly pays but the supplies are mind-boggling expensive. I framed a ton of work for the last show and I think I sold one but forgot to bring it to the buyer and collect the money --yet--if she's still around. Sometimes I switch the frames, but usually I frame only the pieces I like then I'm reluctant to take them off. I still have a couple left but I may not have any Plexiglas. That's knock-em-dead expensive too.
On the other front, I called the Academy regarding the paintings of the kids who've been murdered. Apparently, there are other professional artists involved and they want only oils which I really didn't want to do, but will. I'm sooooooooo slow; the Academy will think I died. I hope I can do at least one portrait for them. I know it means a lot to the parents because I've done that kind of portrait before but not for a program like this. People like my portraits; nobody ever didn't, but I like my watercolor/pastels better. They're looser and I especially like the new funny ones that don't look like the people. Kind of my own caricatures. But those wouldn't do for grief-stricken parents.



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