Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Another Exciting Day

Brian and Byll were here today doing their wash and studying. We all finished Harry's terrific chicken soup and a pizza filled with pepperoni and veggies. They left a pile of dishes in the sink but I've changed; I don't mind doing the dishes at all. I've got this neat rechargeable vacuum cleaner that I use to pick up crumbs, kitty litter, and Moon's fur balls; I love the thing; my house looks so clean. To me anyway. Harry mentioned the dirty windows but I never think of the windows as long as I can see through them. I don't remember dusting either unless there's a reason. But I'd like to put Harry in a room with his papers and bags of receipts and records. He could have been in this room but nobody wants to be bothered with moving any more furniture and probably, Harry would object to being so close to the kittens' favorite kitty litter.
Back later and a new print. The font program on here sucks. Now it's Arial. Now? Whatever. This room stinks and I just cleaned the kitty litter. Back to more important things, like me. I announced to my world that the European gallery group had approached me and were going to represent my artwork. Wrong move. People are so stuck on money so their idea of galleries is that the only important thing is to sell. Like if you're an artist, the only validation is to make money from your work. They never heard of Van Gogh or any of the other people who sold nothing during their lifetimes. If making money were the main reason to be an artist, most painters would be painting Elvis on velvet over and over. I suppose I have it wrong but I paint because I love it and I don't bother pushing it for more reasons than I have no confidence and I hate to deal with people. When you think you're fat, no-talented, stupid, clumsy, and socially inept, it's difficult to believe you're a great artist. But I do like my work and I know I'm not dumb either. What we know and what we believe are always different though.
I'm rambling and I need to go read because books are waiting for me at the library with a written-in-stone pick-up date and I need to finish the one I'm reading. I discovered borrowing books and I've become a library patron. It's a shame I read only fiction; I could be learning a lot.
The painting is called Healing and I just finished it.



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