Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Harry's Talking to the Son

Here's Harry's article, since I can't type it anywhere else.
Being smart is not an excuse for lacking common sense. Our son is a smart, good boy but sometimes I wonder about his common sense combined with his stubborn streak. We all went on a vacation together to Boston recently and our son was our driver. It's great being driven except for the fact that he drives too fast and doesn't practice defensive driving. Jaynee and his girlfriend both told him he drove too fast and he should slow down around curves but he refused to listen. He just didn't take their complaints seriously. Jaynee was nervous and I was worried but there was nothing more we could do other than tell him.
I am grateful he has his own apartment because I couldn't deal with him and his bullheaded attitude. I suppose that belief goes with the territory of being young and immature--although like I said he is extremely intelligent. But you cannot put an old head on a young man. It would be better if our son took note of what his mother and father say; I think it would be helpful. Perhaps he will grow up in the not too distant future; I hope so. He has a lot to learn about life.
Some people feel they need to know everything and cannot tolerate being wrong or "shown up" as less than the most knowledgeable person. Luckily our son doesn't reach that point. We all need to learn from each other. Being wrong isn't a character flaw.
Feeling as though you must be right all the time is an impossible task and a serious personality problem. I wouldn't want our son to fall victim to that obnoxious behavior. There aren't many areas in life where he thinks he has nothing to learn. I think his driving owes a lot to young male hormones, highways and not having seen tragedy. I hope he will accept whatever wisdom we can offer. There's no need for him to invent the same wheel we experienced as young people.



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