Sunday, April 16, 2006

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Passover and Eat, Eat, Eat!

Sunday night. There's noise outside; the dogs aren't barking yet though. I'm almost ready for bed. Last night we held our Passover Seder; we did it late because our son had classes at the normal time, but it's still Passover. My cousin did the prayers and we did something different this year; we talked about freedom sliding over into the situation in Sudan and now Chad. I always loved the Passover service but this was relevant which that never was. Nobody, even my cousin, knew who the rabbis who were mentioned and the language was so arcane. Discussing our freedom and how little there is in a lot of the world felt right. We didn't even have to get into W or his cohorts.
And our daughter's new boyfriend joined us. They're very serious and we like him. Plus, he brings cakes! Probably, that's not the best thing for this family, but they are awfully good. I gave away some at Harry's suggestion, but I've been munching on everything from last night and when I'm not into them, I'm eating my strawberry/coconut bread. I froze it as I do most cakes so it doesn't go bad. I can eat frozen cake and cookies in case you wondered.
But my new thing is eating cereal for dinner Monday through Thursday. I can't take my eating anymore. Those fat deposits on my hips drive me crazy. My brother suggested walking for twenty minutes a day. I forget, but I know it's a good idea. I forgot; my daughter and I made a french custard too and Harry and I polished that off tonight also. Creme Brulee. It was marvelous. As were Harry's potatoes and meat. Our daughter made the green beans and our son, the caesar salad. We really did have a terrific meal. Now it's time for cereal.



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