Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Finally, I found my log-in and I can write in my favorite blog again! I've been writing in Live Journal, but I can't put any pictures in it, so I like this much better. It's much more attractive too. The news is: my hard drive went bad and I'm using hubby's computer; there's a mouse in the house; we're going to look at houses in Delaware because we really can't afford the houses and taxes in Delaware County and we'd like a nicer house with nicer everything. So, first, I'll have to put everything back into my computer whenever it comes home. Second, Moon had the mouse in his mouth; I picked him up and he growled. Then I looked and boy, did I put him down fast! Little Autumn has been watching him but not trying to get the mouse. Third, we have to figure a way to buy a new house and maybe to pack up our stuff. Fourth, I'm really hungry but I'm not going downstairs with a mouse down there. Uh oh, I messed up the picture. Well, it's 1% better than nothing.



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