Sunday, March 19, 2006

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The Naked Story

Harry and I made a bid on the house in Boothwyn/Upper Chichester and the guy who rebuilt and owns the house accepted it. We really love the house because of its large size, the light, semi-rural setting etc. I think we're overpaying but the house is unusual because it's a rancher and very large. Anywhere else, it would cost a fortune. The front and back don't look like anything but hopefully after a while, we'll be able to remedy that (and the screwed up almost half-acre yard.)
We spent the weekend in Manhattan talking about the house between Broadway Shows, getting lost, and eating. We stayed at a Boutique hotel just off Times Square which you might think we could find. But we couldn't until we were totally exhausted and had walked miles across town. It was an adventure though, and memorable. The first night we saw "Spamalot" (for Harry's birthday.) The show was terrific and lots of fun. The next night we had tickets in the balcony for "Avenue Q" which was not really our speed. Harry couldn't hear because we weren't right up on the stage which we didn't realize was where he has to be to hear. "Avenue Q" is a good-time show too, but somehow it just didn't do it for us. We made reservations from home for two restaurants--one was highly recommended by Zagat's Guide and we'd gone to the other one on an anniversary a few years ago. We'd been enchanted by the little old French ladies running the latter restaurant. The food had been wonderful too. Sadly, it had been sold and the food was just mediocre. I guess the ladies would have been about 85 by now. The really fancy restaurant, Tocquiville, was supposed to be one of the best French restaurants. It turned out to be weird, I'd say. The only dish without some awful thing like Sweetbreads or Salmon Belly was the lobster, but nobody can make lobster like Harry. And they didn't. Oh, well. We had a good time talking about the house.
The room at Hotel 41 was tiny, with a double bed. It was very cozy and for New York, reasonably priced, I guess. Harry had on his sleep apnea breathing mask so I had facial air-conditioning for two nights.
Today, when I got home I checked my email and learned all the pages I'd put on Tripod had been deleted by them. Ugh and double ugh! Only God knows what rules I broke. So in addition to cleaning up the basement, packing, and painting (and everything else), I need to fix my website. That feels overwhelming and I'm afraid I won't do it which isn't good. Lots of pages are blank.
Well, I promised myself I'd put pictures of the new house on here, so that's what I'll do now. Oh, it won't let me. Crap. Well, it's nice. It's not allowing me to put any pictures on, so today will be naked. I'm sorry.



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