Sunday, May 14, 2006

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Autumn Listening to Me Read Her the NY Times

It feels very good to have the means to repair my website. I can't use a number of programs that I badly need but there's enough working for me to function. Because I backed up a lot on my external hard drive that I didn't used to have, I am able to see what programs I used--because I don't remember--and to get back some of them. I have hope this time my computer won't fail. Who knows really? In the long run, it doesn't much matter.
I meant to write for only a couple of minutes and I do need to either buy or borrow books. I'm looking forward to reading in bed. I have two books I'm reading now that I can't stand. They both seem so stupid. I'm also reading Bob Herbert's book about America, but I can't read that in bed. It's one horrific story after another about the wrongs here, and they're very serious. All kinds of things happen--in the vein of Katrina--and they're almost never admitted and the people suffering don't receive apologies. I think the US for many people is horrible, but maybe a lot less horrible than most other countries. It seems most of the westernized nations are more fair, but I couldn't testify to that. I don't know enough and I've lived only here. The good thing is most people realize W is breaking the law--it may not be most--and the bad thing is that he can get away with it. That's nothing when people are convicted and killed for crimes they didn't commit and the government has proof they didn't but kills them anyway.
Living a solid white middle-class life gives us people a totally skewed vision of life here. I've heard that prejudice is in people's imagination; things are fine now. When kids want to learn, they can learn anywhere. Our people pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. Definitely etc. I argue, probably wasting my breath, but thank God, I know better. I'm not better, I just know all those sayings are a total bunch of shit. It's the line the government and most media put out. Color blindness that is a complete lie and using "code words" to alert haters to the real message. I snuck that in. Everyone except cognitively disabled people know what politicians mean when they spout certain words and phrases. Their skirting political correctness while subtly giving a very different message. That's not just in the US either. I notice French politicians do it well too. (New York Times informed by reading all the human interest stories.)
Well, it's time to exit the kitty litter room carefully stepping over the pile of papers I'm planning to file sometime. It's time for bed. G'night anybody.



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