Thursday, May 11, 2006

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Everything has changed from when I last wrote; Harry and I talked everything over and I can't say he's gonna be better, but he has been improving over the years. I printed out and gave him a copy of my last blog. The morning after, he started working in the basement while I was still asleep. Our friend, the realtor visited a couple days after that too. Harry is following her instructions and putting away clutter. We're working all over the house at one time which seems, to me to be easier right now. I did start working on thirty years of stuff on the basement shelves. Unbelievable the trash we kept and the beautiful memories we hid away.
My own computer is back and Harry's is in better shape thanks to me. I'm re-populating my computer with my programs. For a couple of days Harry's and my websites were down. Since I haven't been able to reach my webhost for about eight months, I assumed she'd just let it lapse. So I found different webhosts for both our sites. All the pages I stored on Tripod vanished down the toilet of fundamentalism I guess. They're gone. I was planning to redo the site anyway, so now I am. It's not a welcome job, but it's there for me. I put Harry's right back up but mine has all kinds of links etc.
I'm eternally grateful our computers are not down the basement. Right now, it's too depressing to stay in for long. Not that this room is a pleasure either. It's too crowded and dirty. When we move, I plan to keep cat food in one place, same with kitty litter. This room has both in addition to copies in the kitchen.
I don't think I have any more patience to write now. I don't feel like it. I've been trying but it won't do pictures...still.



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