Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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The Fat Lady Sings (Unintelligibly)

Worries about money. Workmen not showing up. Key-Kae doing lousy work and then leaving it half done for us to finish. Still not light enough and I have to paint after all. Ugh. Do I love this house? Let me count the ways.
Going to bed later...after The Colbert Report, my favorite show..Usually.
I dance now and like it. So I'm exercising. My weight is horrendous but I'm back at OA after fifteen years. I do one thing for three years. It's forever. And then I just stop. Good bye. I'm gone. I wish I kept up till I decided to stop.
Biting my nails; nervous. Times are nerve-racking. Money out and out and out. Depressed? Nothing is perfect but can't expect that. Back selling artwork on Ebay. Want to make some money & I have the work. Gonna do work just for there too.
oops. Time for bath. Nighty night.



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