Sunday, August 20, 2006

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Little Betty on my Mind

Life begins. We're all the same. Just imaginary beings with the appearance of being held together by something solid. But nothing is solid, not even rocks. I spent all day packing on our first floor. There were pots for every type of cooking, and implements to turn anything over, stir, or whip. Lids of every size and color, and enough silverware for weeks of meals. And that was just some of the things I put into boxes. In between, I talked with Evangeline and when I mentioned coming to America, the spirit light went on. I'm being more careful than ever before, not promising anybody a bed in my house. I know I can't tolerate other people very well. We are the same but she has no pots, no warm clothing for the cold nights and no place for her little sister to sleep. I will buy clothes for little Betty so she can look like a little American child. Not poor and hungry.
I just thought of another religious friend who might help. And her family is all racially mixed which would be helpful. This is beginning to sound feasible. Possible. Tomorrow is our settlement on our new house. It's an early day so I'm off to bed.



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