Friday, August 18, 2006

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The Angst of Packing

Harry's taking a nap so I'm taking a break. I worry, like the woman in the painting, that I won't get done, and like her, I'll feel embarrassed. Nobody will actually care, just like her girlfriend looking on.
I was swindled out of that painting. When I participated in an art fair in NY, a guy asked me for two pieces in exchange for his writing an article in a magazine he showed me. Stupidly, I did it. He took pictures and then carried the artwork off never to be seen again. And of course, the article was never seen either. At that same show, I gave one of my BEST pieces to the organization holding the fair and they were supposed to give it play. As far as I can tell, they didn't. I think it's a good organization though at least, even if they're full of shit. I think the reason they wanted it was the hunky guys pictured in it, not the gray haired woman between the two. Live and learn.
This morning, I called Africa since I can't so far get any of the American agencies to return my calls or emails. That includes the State Department. It sucks. Well, I did call and the UNHCR, who supposedly pays for the kid's airfare didn't know anything. The guy with whom I spoke said to call back Monday. It's not easy to understand the African accent. It's as difficult as the Scottish accent, or maybe one from Arkansas. None of us English speaking folks can understand the other. Unless one of us is from Europe. They're really clear.
What a bunch of boring shit! I get tired I think from the Lupus. Harry gets tired because he gets up early. If I didn't say so before , I have had a numb yet painful toe for a couple of months now, and months last year. It seemed this morning the other foot was getting into the act. My doctors gave me some goofy diagnosis, but I've already been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy of which this is a part. I can't expect doctors to know anything but the common stuff, right? What I didn't know that I found out through research--at the Mayo Clinic--was the problem I have with getting overheated is part of that. A few of my passing symptoms are actually peripheral neuropathy. My rheumatologist and regular doctor couldn't figure that out. Both act like whatever I have is just a shock to them. They're never seen it before. Frustration is a big lupus symptom.
Harry's awake so it's time to pack again.



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