Saturday, October 28, 2006

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My Mother Dresses Me Funny (That's my story & I'm sticking to it.)

Those dancers look like they're dead and that's how I feel. I'm fighting off a cold, apparently not very well. I've been lupusey all week, I think from all the stress with the workmen in the house all the time and the house being disrupted.
My son noticed the work done on one hallway wasn't good. That's all I need: to have to have more work done over and spend more money. We're spent out now. The house painting cost a mint. Everything cost a mint and there are so many more things wrong. Keep looking and you just keep seeing more. Nevertheless, I love living here. I love the house. I enjoy it. The neighbors are friendly too; it's a little community, like a tiny town. I hope the people here don't reject me as they did at my work. Well, they didn't totally reject me, they just never let me in. I didn't really want "in"; I couldn't help it and neither could they. I couldn't loosen up and if I had, I think I might have been judgemental about them and their attitudes. I didn't fit in and my ideas were too radical. Plus they didn't trust a Jewish woman who was educated and liberal. They didn't trust me and they had all kinds of crazy ideas about me. But I am a liberal educated Jewish woman and if these folks here are prejudiced too, it will hurt. Reading the newspaper and questioning accepted ideas gets me into trouble.
A woman stood in the aisle with me in K-Mart today. She openly stared at me as though I was dressed in my underwear for what felt like a long time. She wasn't admiring me. I had on one of my funny cute 90's jumpers and tights, so I might have looked odd. Nobody wears that stuff here. I wouldn't have wanted to hear her thoughts unless she was actually trying to hold back gas.
Today was our neighborhood Halloween tonight and we all enjoyed it. We had more kids here than ever on Langdon Street. Every time kids came to the door our son, his girlfriend, my husband and me all crowded around at the door. We'll do it again Tuesday on the real Halloween if anybody comes. And maybe I'll wear another 90's jumper. It's a shame I didn't buy striped tights.



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