Sunday, November 05, 2006

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The Adventures of Moon and Autumn

Moon, my two-year-old beautiful Main Coon kitten, was through the vents again two days ago. One of the guys painting our new house left the utility room door open AGAIN. I've asked them to keep it closed only a few thousand times and Moon has already been under the house through that door too many times to count. I understand the dead mice and possibility of rats and other vermin are too hard for him to ignore or so he seems to say when he emerges--if he emerges--dusty and hunter-like. One of the guys was guilt-ridden so he spent a full hour sweating, screwing in wire fencing to bar Moon's entry into that forbidden world. I still would prefer that door closed because I know cats are imaginative. Moon taught himself how to maneuver a door knob and he lets himself and our timid little girl kitten, Autumn, out of our bedroom when we definitely want them to stay put.
Yesterday we bought a pretty little collar for our little girl and next, we'll get them both new tags that say they now live in Delaware, not Philadelphia as Moon's tag now says. I'm sorry we didn't spring for the tag that is surgically implanted in the animal's ear. These kittens mean so much to Harry and me. Our children are grown, living on their own. Somehow these furry creatures have become our babies. Their brushes live on every table and they have the full run of the house and counters. We buy whatever food they prefer. The only activity we say "No." to is sleeping with Harry or entering Harry's office. Harry's little crystals are cat-sized and just right for batting around, especially hanging on the window. And with sleeping, Harry awakens shocked when the kittens jump up and down regularly during sleeping hours. They can sleep with me because I sleep through their jumping and playing.
At this moment after lunch, our kittens always nap. Moon is relaxing on my desk in front of me and Autumn is resting on our bed. They heartily approve of our new house as we do. Moon and Autumn bring us a lot of happiness. They're our little fur-babies.



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