Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Painting like a house-afire and enjoying it. In pain most of the time from my knee. Haven't cleaned the house, or today, washed the dishes. Will do that very soon. Then, I'll go back to painting. Worked last night from about 11 to 12 or so, and during the afternoon yesterday. don't get up till about 11 or 12. I like all this. Best way for me to live my life, or so it seems. Will try Tai Chi tomorrow morning and back to swimming Tuesday. Knee hurts when I stand and walk and hurts in the water too. Went to a doctor who seemed as goofy as me, with 1970's pants. Not keen on his advice. Can't do one of the exercises at all. Wouldn't send me to "my" PT folks. Strange. I wish people had warned me first, instead of agreeing with me later. I love old fart doctors after I'm okay.
I hope people like Pogie H., and I forget the names of her cronies, read this. I should really pray for them because they're soooooooo messed up. If there's such a thing as reincarnation, they've got a number of lives in front of them. I pray for me too, because I still harbor hate for them. I can't see the humanity in them. Only anger and destruction. I just can't see it and I almost always do. Is it their guarded nature? Noncel Spore, I forgot her. She's another one in whom I cannot see humanity. I guess it's their overriding anger or righteousness. Noncel, I think, had a very tall wall up, in order to survive in her working world. I can't stand those kind of people and there are so many of them. I think of them as corporate people. Are they shut down? How do they do it? My kids are not like that, but then they're not corporate. They're both scientists (of which I am mightily proud.) Read it and weep Poggy Horseman! I'm not giving your name Poggy. And I'm not telling about how you're the mean, rotten kind of witch, not the Wiccan kind. What about your dedicated car-dealing office manager friend, Mory, or Futzie, or whatever her name was? Boy oh boy, she couldn't see past corporate policy either. And Flower, your secretary. Floozie? Fucknozey? What was her name? How do these people function? Is it their Catholic education? If anybody reads this and understands, please enlighten me. I have no idea.
Now that I've figured out funny names, I can tell my work stories! That's a joy. Poggy Horsenose. She was a pretty lady, actually.



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