Saturday, March 08, 2008

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Didn't paint today. Dragged myself out of bed and made a great grilled cheese sandwich with my hot chile cheese and wonderful thickly-sliced cheese bread. I almost never cook and I love my grilled cheese sandwiches. I also redid my Abstract page on my website. Two accomplishments.

I'm missing posting paintings regularly. I take as long as it takes to paint in oils. And it usually takes a long time for me to be satisfied. I love the painting Celebration Circles. I have two more coming along that are similar. It's much prettier in person. That's not a great photo.
I'm not a bad painter. Somewhere in the middle, I would think. Of today, anyway. That's a huge blessing and I'm very grateful. The adjectives are deserved. To love anything that much is a gift and to be able to create is something special. I really do have to thank my family for encouraging me.



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