Thursday, April 03, 2008

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Mostly Cat Health & My Knee-Ruled Decisions

Susan G's husband gave me three copies of The Enquire. I love them (till I can't stand them anymore). So I guess I'll enjoy the mags(Entertainment).
I just woke up; I have to decide whether to go swimming. I want to go to Kohl's. Dear Hubby has a "thing" about the rain and I have a "thing" about the pain in my knee. Standing for an hour in the pool is painful. I'm using my cane to walk on dry land and it helps a lot. I guess that is my decision. I haven't done the exercises. I did the shoulder exercises while I was in the shower and just done my shower. That worked; this doesn't and that sucks. I have to figure out a way. I also have been eating bad stuff, such as a pepperoni roll for dinner last night. I cannot eat it again; it tasted lovely, but my weight scares me. I found out my wonderful trail mix, instead of being 140 calories for a bag, according to the print I previously ignored, is 420, supposedly it's to be shared by three people. That's likely.
I forget what else I ate--oh, yeah--we ate in Philly the night before. No wonder. I still have the seafood salad too. It was full of crab meat, scallops, and shrimp and good. I had half Dear Hubby's dessert too. Ugh.
Harry's been feeding the kittens every morning which is good. He likes them a lot and they return it. I feed them around dinnertime. They come up on the deck often when I paint and that's a lot. Autumn was just sitting on the top of my chair cleaning my hair. The mousse offended her. I had to hold her little hand to get her claws out of my forehead. She doesn't notice I have no fur on my face. I love when she fools around with my hair, but it's not a good idea to let her lick mousse. Not the cat who eats $23 dry cat food. I bought her two kinds yesterday. The $23 one, I forget, it might be Venison. I really need to switch her to Venison or Rabbit. She still has the little sore on her lip and that's an allergy sign. I might try Paul Newman's dry food because it has no wheat. I doubt she's allergic to chicken although I do want to try Venison for her. Or Rabbit. (Ugh) I spent a very late hour last night on here looking at dry cat foods. I am going today to compare prices of the Venison stuff with the food coop.
Well that's everything. I'm feeling guilty about swimming. I do stand the whole time when I paint, pain or not. What I really should do is put my leg up and relax (without eating). Tendenitis responds to rest. I think that's REALLY it.




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