Sunday, April 06, 2008

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The Art Show

Here I am down here. Almost totally exhausted. Got up "early"--just before 10:30, cleaned, painted, set up the dishwasher, and went to the Art Alliance here for the show. The opening. all the "Intelligentsia" must have been there. Almost all the work there, other than Ken's and mine, was either awful, beginner stuff, vacation photos, or badly hung. Except for Ken's wall, most of the walls were badly hung. My Celebration Circles hung next to three black and white photos the same size as the painting. The photos were artsy and bad, okay, or great family vacation photos. I felt like a nasty snob. The people looked like nice upper middle class people and the center did a great job with food and entertainment. It was done beautifully. I don't really know about the monthly art show in one big room. It had two stand out pieces, I know. They were a pair done by one woman. A wall hanging was nice too. That part was hung okay, if boring. In Philly, I don't think the bad part of the show would have stood. Somebody would have screamed.
I went. My kids came and went too and Harry. Both of my legs were killing me. I found out yesterday at my pain doctor's that I have some serious problem in my neck that is probably causing problems I attributed elsewhere. My neck hurts a lot when I try to sleep.
I'm falling asleep. Better get busy on my teeth.



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