Sunday, April 06, 2008

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Life on the Farm

Something different. Wasn't that a pretty picture though? That one sold through the web to a guy in Germany. Eventually, I sent it to Belgium, where he'd moved. I had to take it off the stretchers. I like the fact that nothing sexual is really shown. Just a hint, and it's so erotic. Oh, well. I see mistakes now and they would bother me if I had the painting. I'm glad I don't. I've got too many hanging around already.
I cleaned a ton of kitty litter today. I've got seven--four outside and three inside. The outside kitties like it too, and one of them seems always to be in the closed one. He's decided I'm not to be trusted because I tried twice to put flea medicine on him. I tried to close up their route to the little park also stopping the big old tomcat who was eating their food and scaring them to death. I'm hoping the inconvenience will keep him out. Let him go bother the raccoons next door.
I did a lot of physical work today and my knee swelled up and it's been hurting. I never got to paint, but I knew I shouldn't anyway. I am not used to sitting on anything while I paint. I miss painting terribly when I don't do it, but I really did have too much to do. Of course, I'm not up that long anyway. I worked on my website tonight and late this afternoon. God knows, it needed the work. I fixed the abstract page and knocked out stuff I can't keep up like New Work or My Life Through Pictures. I don't even like the Life page. I think either I, or Harry's host, knocked it off his site. It's not relevant anymore. Harry's right, I do go through phases and eventually, they're done. I'm grateful all those folks posed for me. I may be interested again sometime, but not now. They were so good about it.
I was going to write the incredible stories from my jobs, and maybe later. I guess when we work, we come across amazing people. My cousin ran into brilliant people and I came in contact with political "drones", nice people, and nuts. Some of them thought I was nuts. After all, I never followed their quaint customs. I never fit in and some people were bothered by that. I sound so snotty. I really wasn't though. It killed me to be treated like an outsider and not be trusted. When I worked out in the boondocks with Poggy Horsemanure, I think her trouble with me was that she was insecure. Like I wanted her job, or that I looked down on her because she got her job through having sex with the boss of the department. As though that's unusual. She was blonde and he liked blondes, especially those who would sleep with him. He never made a pass at me. I guess I didn't seem the type and I wasn't. So she was. So what. I put her down because she was a "company woman". Screw the clients and please the boss. Ugh. I had one supervisor who I think of as "The Cancer Woman" because she was dying of cancer. She lied to my face, knowing I knew she was lying. Cancer or not, she was disgusting. One of my bosses, Edmund Fitzgerald, was crazy, but honest. He drove me totally crazy, but I respected him. I had to finally take Xanax every time I was going to meet with him, but I still have good feelings about him. Honesty is a big deal. He was a religious guy and he stuck to his morals. I give him credit for him.
Poggy actually tried to have me arrested! after I escaped from her and Mr. Fitzgerald. I was stupid, but she was a witch. All she was missing was a cauldron. I'll talk about her more later. She ruined other people's lives. How does one do that and sleep at night. I think Edmund Fitzgerald did people in too, but not out of pure malice.
I have to stop now; I'm so tired. I don't care if Poggy recognizes herself, but I don't want strangers to stop her on the street and say they read about her. She doesn't deserve the fame, good or bad. I've prayed for her, but most of me thinks it's right for her to stew in her own hatred and misery.




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