Sunday, April 06, 2008

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Me My BackyardThat's my painting of my backyard. Right now, in April, it's still mostly mud, but it's beautiful in summer--not that beautiful, but lovely to someone from a rowhouse in Philly. We moved to a single house with a big yard and a little park run behind it in Delaware, from Philly, in August of '06. Except for the lack of creative artistic experimentation, I love it here. I never tried to have my work shown in the best Philly galleries, so I don't know whether they would have accepted my work. They do hang it down here, but except for my buddy's, who grew up and went to Art School in Philly too, none of the work reaches gallery level. It's too much work for me to exhibit in Philly or Wilmington. (I really SHOULD send emails to the Philly galleries. Hmm) I just can't take work in for them to see and decide. That's work! Taking paintings down, carrying them, and then hanging them back up is big-time work. They sit against walls for years. I don't hang them all either. Right now, I'm kind-of working on building a group of abstract paintings. Let me see if I can add one.Well, that didn't work. I'll try another one. Not that one either. Okay, I can't take anymore. No more pics. They're on Plaxo and I think, Facebook, and hopefully, my website at I haven't added the last two abstracts though. Maybe today.xoxoJaynee



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