Sunday, April 06, 2008

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Tomorrow I review my neck MRI with my pain doc. I've never had one on my neck and it's been bad for about thirty years. My mom's was and so is my daughter's. Tells you something. My knee is spasming right now. I was standing and painting with gloved hands. I still have my Philly clothes on. We went today. We have been driving all the way up past Philly for one doctor and I have to find one down here. That's ridiculous. As soon as we moved down here, we saw a difference in drivers. It's not always or everybody, but it's better. But drivers are so much worse all over. I learned to drive in 1964 on a 1954 Chevy with regular steering and brakes. There was no such thing as seat belts or power steering. (People regularly went through windshields in accidents.) There just weren't as many cars on the road. My dad used to think women were lousy drivers and my aunt, another experienced driver--older than my father, born about 1902--used to yell about people getting their licenses at Pep Boys. My dad loved to drive, as did most of the family except my mother. Driving fifty MPH was fast and there weren't as many cars. We had no highways in Philly or nearby New Jersey. We drove to New York on Route 1 and down the shore on the back roads. We cruised in cars as heavy as Mack trucks. It wasn't a great time, but it was a good time for driving.xoxoJaynee



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