Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Flunkin, Dunckin, and Munckin, Attorneys at law

On television is the Puppy News. According to the TV, nothing is wrong in the US. Maybe weather, but that has to do with nothing. War? What war? Killings and drugs show up occasionally, but I guess that's entertainment.
Another Sunday gone.Suddenly, I'm 60, and half-way done with that. I really don't mind, although I notice the years flying by. Life after the Shrub..It's more difficult. It's impossible to believe the Americans who voted for that idiot had any intelligence. People used to vote self-interest, but everyone knew he and the other republicans were serving rich people. Of course, the democrats do but to a much lesser amount. They owe average people and the republicans do not. Plus, it was obvious W was not intelligent and never succeeded at anything on his own. Of course, he stole the election--well, it was stolen for him, but some people actually voted for him. And they weren't all wealthy. Time for the artist to hit the hay, or at least the bathtub. Hi de hi.




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