Thursday, September 25, 2008

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The Bounty of American Liberals

The Bounty of the American Liberals

One of my favorite columnists is Bob Herbert from the New York Times. Recently, he wrote a column about all the advancements made by liberals: Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid; Food Stamps; Unemployment Compensation; Head Start; Legal Aid; USDA; etc. The list is very long. Jaynee went to college on a federal program that was cut by Ronald Reagan. All these programs were fought “tooth and nail” by the conservatives but Liberals succeeded in getting these programs established despite Republican dirty fighting and personal slurs. If the reactionaries—that is what conservatives really are—had their way, our nation would have4 the rich and poor with no middle class. Only the rich would have real rights and services. For the poor, the working conditions of the 1800’s would still be the law.

The Republicans support the base who support them—the wealthy Americans. After the Civil War and Jim Crow, the Republicans captured the Dixiecrats because the Democrats had become the liberals, gradually increasing their support of the worker. Through code words clearly stating their distrust and fear of minorities, educated people, and facts, the Republicans were able to bring rope in working people who were afraid of the new age, true freedom, and new ideas. The fight against The Age of Aquarius that started in the 1960’s is still being fought. The working fools vote for the Republicans believing they can hold back the tide. The best they can achieve is putting a lid on America’s future. Thought and insight can never be stopped, but the freedom to speak it, the acceptance of change, and goodwill toward our brother man, can be thwarted. Ultimately, without consciously pursuing that goal, is the Shangri-La of the Republicans and their working class troglodytes.

Copyright 2008 by Harry Martin Polis and edited by Jaynee Levy-Polis

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