Monday, July 21, 2008

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Spirits on Vacation

11:22 pm - Spirits on Vacation
My brother has returned home. Gradually, I'll get back to my normal schedule. I've been painting the whole time at least. Sometimes, my brother would keep me company. I've had a number of little psychic adventures beginning right before my brother left. There were three, which are: 1) my easel sinking about two inches while it was totally secure. 2) Someone touching my face when no one else was there. 3) Last night, when I was dancing in my room, my brother joined me. I could feel a lot of family in the room. I think there is another one, but I can't remember now. All that makes me very happy, knowing my brother is here with me. (No, it's the OTHER ONE.)
A friend saw Big Sammy with me. I love that dog with all my heart.
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