Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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Bush, McCain, The War....Obama

I watched a soldiers' video on Facebook, it gave some insight into what our young people, over there, are going through. To think that a coterie of sociopaths or evil doers--take your choice--Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, with no provocation, for personal vendettas, invaded a sovereign nation, and brought this on. If you hated Hussein and wished he'd been knocked off, I understand. But sending and allowing our precious children to be maimed and die is pure evil. We all know how Hallburtin has been involved and how their trucks didn't have armor. We can't watch the firefights or their coffins coming in to Dover. While our young people are being slaughtered; nations who were our previous allies have turned against us; and our television news shows puppies. I call it the puppy news and I adore dogs.
The Iraq War is a Oil Occupation, and I guess now, it's being settled because McCain needs it to be even though he is prepared to be there for 100 years. McCains life, his heart, is wrapped around wars and soldiering. Why choose a soldier for president? Especially one who isn't exactly all there? At 72, he is in older middle age, and he just isn't sharp. I think he's not very bright. He's gone off and chosen a Miss Alaska runner-up who has virtually no experience and already has violated laws. My goodness, who would want her running the nation if he died suddenly? It sounds incredible to me.
Opposing McCain are Obama and Biden, I think, a dream team. Hearing Obama, I hear JFK and MLK. A brilliant man, I do not see Obama and Biden either continuing to allow our children fighting in Iraq to stay there, nor do I envision their starting another war. Additionally, with so much hate foaming in the United States, God Forbid, but if anything happened to Obama, behind him stands a seasoned, long term, sensible legislator. Obama is, I believe, a political phenomenon that occurs rarely in America. In Delaware, where Joe Biden and I both live, Joe is known to be a good guy. More importantly, Joe's politics are good.
I do not understand how anyone can overlook Obama or vote for McCain and Palin unless that voter is very rich. Even though McCain and Palin are anathema to working people, they promise more tax relief to the very wealthy and big business, especially oil. That is the traditional Republican stance. Democrats work for and represent working people. I am old enough to have seen the difference. During my lifetime, I experienced Lyndon Johnson's Great Society only to see it torn to pieces through the presidencies of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. (I can't clearly remember Nixon destroying the programs, mostly just Watergate and watching his minions on television.)
I pray Obama is elected. For the good of America, for our future, Obama is a new direction. Our electing a man of color is, for us, a big step into



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