Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Spirits on the Road

I just remembered I forgot to wash my paintbrushes. Ugh! Well, I'm glad I finally remembered especially before I got to bed. I want to tell what happened yesterday. We drive up to Philly once a week to see my mother in law. Yesterday was our weekly trip. We stopped at CVS to buy her treats. Harry went into the store and I stayed in the car. I closed my eyes, too tired to read, but not ready to nap. I heard the car door open and Harry got into the car. I felt his weight come into the vehicle, except Harry was still in the store. No one was there when I looked up, expecting to see Harry. Was I afraid? Nope. I don't know why I wasn't scared. Today, I reflected that Harry and I were discussing how spirits ride with us in the car. I usually blast the radio and literally sing to my family while I drive. I talk to them too. I just never expected one to climb in and get ready to drive. But he did. The he was probably my father who loved to drive. In my lucid dreams, he is usually driving and I am pretty sure it was my dad. So welcome Dad! You can help me drive any time! Be my company and know I still love you. xoxo Jaynee




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