Friday, August 29, 2008

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The Bush/McCain Possibilities

The Democratic Convention just ended. I'm praying and hoping, Obama & the Democrats campaigning with him can wake up working people so they stop supporting rich people & big corporations. I think conservative white working class people are blinded by gay rights, the possibility of working people gaming the system--like corporations don't--black people "overrunning " the gov't & somehow, getting everything, leaving them out, and basically, their lives turning to sh*t, they're voting for more money and support for the wealthiest chiselers alive. Remember, McCain thinks people making under $500,000 are middle class. No wonder he supports only the wealthy! Really, our infrastructure is falling apart. Jes, people are falling into rivers from bridges collapsing. That's horrible! Our electric lines need overhaul because they can't support the higher energy of wind power. Our lives are now shorter than every other industrialized nation, plus some just coming up too. We have more babies die than they do too.
I wish people would look beyond Obama's name, his color--which not only is mixed, the person who raised him was a Kansas grandmother--and see our country as it is. Can't they see Republicans do not support working people and in fact, throw obstacles in worker's way? Look at the Supreme Court's decisions since they have moved to the right. The rights of the disabled and working people have been cut. I feel as though I am living with cretins, people who do not read newspapers, or think beyond the outright lies and slanders fed to them at election time. To give one vote to somebody because they would love to have a beer with him, is idiocy. That person left human beings to drown in New Orleans, then threw the thousands of survivors into a stadium with no water or bathrooms. He used up our surplus of money and threw us into debt. He used our armed forces to pursue a personal vendetta killing thousands of innocent people, both soldiers and citizens. He's made a mockery of our constitution, bending and twisting it out of shape, to jail, spy on, and justify him and his staff evading congress's investigation.
The friendly brush cutting, bicycle-riding "president" may not be an evil (or he may be), but certainly his cronies are evil-doers. I pray there is a reckoning and they are punished for the pain and catastrophe they have unleashed.




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