Thursday, October 02, 2008

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Michael's Restaurant

I had a question so our waitress explained I would have to ask the manager, so I went looking for “Bob”, the manager. Bob turned out to be the man tending bar. He apparently did not intend to answer me at the reservation desk, but I was not going away until he did.
Mr. Bob was rude. The man was already touting a miserable facial expression and demeanor. Apparently, it took very little to set him off. Bob is one of Michael’s managers and he seats customers. I wrote to Michael’s about what happened to me. Mrs. Moskowitz—she and her husband own the restaurant—answered, promising to send me some kind of coupon. Since she supported her manager's behavior, I wrote again complaining about how their manager had acted. She did not answer and needless to say, I never received any coupon.
I do not patronize restaurants where staff is surly. Michael’s fare is mediocre at best. Their salad bar is their draw. While not comparing with Charlie Brown’s, it is a good one. For a slim or small person, going there is a waste of money. Harry and I call this kind of restaurant a “Tie on the feed bucket” eatery. The salad bar is misleading; a name closer to reality would be “Joe’s Eats”. With that name, a glowering host/manager and completely uninspired meals would be no surprise. I definitely do NOT recommend this gussied up hole-in-the-wall. One problem and the customer would find a very nasty brick wall, not the family-owned friendly face for which one might be looking.




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