Sunday, October 12, 2008

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House A Mess

HARRY MARTIN POLIS, poet-philosopher

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I need to complain for a minute or two. Jaynee has wanted to put a full bathroom in the family room since we moved in. We had a tiny powder room, a deep closet, and a larger laundry room in the intended area. Nothing was quite large enough and they were already cluttered with paint and tools when we came. It took a few months of investigation, and Jaynee found a small company to do the conversion. Jaynee sat down with Eloy Sosa, who owns the company with his brother, and planned the new bathroom. Jaynee always planned to have a shower, and because Eloy is a master tiler, this bathroom would have tiled walls and floors. When the walls were knocked down, the space was too small for the washer and dryer, so vertical units had to be purchased. The window was too close to the washer/dryer “closet”, so a new one had to be installed. Two doors were closed off and the walls redone. Probably the most difficult part was drilling the cement floor to extend the water line and drain.
Meanwhile, the entire house is filled with dust. It is not obvious how the two new cats add to the furry dust; they have blended right in with our other two cats. For a long while, our washer and dryer were in the driveway. The guys set up their machinery on a part of our garden, but were careful of the holly bush. Our beautiful family room has two pathways now. The furniture is pushed together in the center and it’s all covered with dust.
The shower doors and the vanity will take a while to get here. There is no sink in the downstairs bathroom for now. The bathroom is gorgeous though. Jaynee picked out medium blue tiles and they go all the way up to the ceiling. When the bathroom is done, and I can’t wait, it will be special.
Copyright 2008 by Harry Martin Polis and edited by Jaynee Levy-Polis
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