Saturday, October 08, 2005

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empty computer

It's after eleven AM; I haven't taken a shower yet; I look like Maggie Scratch. We're supposed to go see the red female kitten but Harry won't drive twenty-five miles in the rain and I'm not driving yet..and the lady's on the phone non-stop. And we reformatted this computer last night. It couldn't be saved. That's the second time on a six month old computer. WEll, nine months I guess. But that's nothing in the way of life. It can really suck. I think I forgot my medicines yesterday morning too. I forgot that. I was up so early--8:30--that I was kind of comatose. We had company. Too early.
I'm thinking of driving. This is ridiculous, but at the same time, it would be better to go next week. We have a party that day in Bear, Delaware, so we could go right there. Harry just called me and said breakfast was done. He cooks, does the wash, and shops. Does the money too. I'm not hungry yet, but he's a good cook. I'll go. oh no pictures!



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