Sunday, December 11, 2005

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Laying on the Side of the Highway in India

Sunday afternoon...I read five days of newspapers. I missed a lot because I couldn't read every section; it was just too much; I skipped the travel and food sections. I actually didn't see nearly everything and I wish I could have. Too much happens in the world and it's only in this era that we have the opportunity to be aware quickly of news in faraway places. Here as in most countries especially in the Third World, our news is skewed, but given enough information and intelligence, we can have some understanding of what's happening. Pretty neat. I got to read about the new highways in India; how the well-to-do there are buying multiple cars for their wives and children; and what's current in China, Nigeria, and a couple of other places I forget. I'm happy; it's like fantasy reading. What happens to me is real; folks buying motorcycles in Mumbai is Star Wars. But I like it; I guess it's one of my hobbies.



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