Friday, December 09, 2005

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Crying For Sanity and Peace on Earth

Today the light came on in this little room. It seems to turn itself on whenever something is happening involving our family including the animals. Sometimes it blinks in response to my questions too and oftentimes it doesn't go on for months. But Cousin Jerry was coming to take me to lunch today so it was on. After we'd gone to lunch and errands even though he wanted to be on his way, I dragged Jerry up here suspecting the light was a message from his mother. So Jerry suffered the kitty litter stink in here to do the communication thing.
I hesitate to tell this lest you think I'm a nut, but what the hell, I am. I believe our dead relatives and friends communicate with us in dreams, or maybe, just maybe it's all in our heads. Yes, I can see that's possible because we knew them so well and can use them to influence ourselves. However, I did see a ghost. For the second time, an angel came to me in a dream. I was pretty nervous around her--my knees were shaking some--but that didn't stop me from observing and asking her questions one of which was whether there was other sentient life in the universe. She showed me what I believe was a metaphor--which of course the whole dream could have been--with humans as slaves and at least sometimes food. I wanted to know what I could do to help change that future and she responded with (telepathic) feelings that lit my light bulb. I don't know how this will turn out but I contemplate additional activity. I don't know whether whatever it is will arrive at my doorstep or I'll have to seek it out but I'd like to add my voice to so many others crying for sanity and peace on earth.



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