Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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The shopper speaks! Harry and I blew through the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey--our Mall-hitting a number of pricey stores buying expensive stuff we could live without if we didn't revel in luxury like everybody else. From that Mall, we proceeded to a strip mall in an even higher rent district for special coffee and whatever else our little hearts desired. Then, just a little further down the overcrowded highway, we did some heavy shopping at Whole Foods. Whew! Hard work, so it's time for Chinese food. Then more shopping. I found a green beret and goofy scarf to compliment Brian's old duck feather jacket.
I was cold today in my "car coat" with matching orange and brown hat, scarf, and gloves. Note: I still looked middle-aged and chubby, in addition to out-of-style and goofy. The green beret and scarf will look amusing too. Yes, it's better to be able to venture out-of-doors without fear of being blown up or shot at. To be able to visit stores stocked with every kind of product and be able to afford them, is a pleasure. No, I can't afford everything, especially now. And I want only that which suits my taste; I never care what's 'in'. But still, I'm just as much a consumer as the rest of us buyers here in the good old US of A. Yep, the destitute of the world are right when they say all we care about are things. Our hobby is shopping. Mine too. While I think decorator curtains are wasteful, someone else might look at my three kitty litters as ridiculous. Or my very old curtains as yucky.
I'm never going to turn over one quarter of my money to a good cause and eat tuna fish for dinner for the rest of my life. That's probably the right thing to do; people are starving, and genocide is being committed. I believe there's an answer for me that I will "grow" into. Halevi.



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