Monday, December 05, 2005

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Our government here in the US is insane. Didn't they ever hear of prioritizing; making To Do lists; saving your ass? Do the politicians really think if some twenty-three year old Muslim kid who can hardly read but who believes poisoning the water in New York, or planting a bomb on the subway will transport him immediately to heaven with seventy gorgeous virgins surrounding him, and a cash bonus for his very poor parents.....Well, what are those air-conditioned garbage trucks in Atlanta (or wherever) going to do to protect us and them? Our legislators were the first ones out of the buildings like rats in a fire in 9/11 when they thought the planes were coming for them. Secretaries be damned. Just like the nobles in the Middle Ages who fled to their gated country estates leaving the riff-raff to cope with the plague. Gee, sounds like Southern Florida and LA. I doubt third-world politicians are alone in their fat Swiss numbered accounts. Our politicians and corporate executives are the thieving-est, sleaziest humanoids who've managed to somehow escape from being called back to Hell.
Coming out of denial for a few minutes is certainly aggravating. People have always been the same, and the world has forever been dangerous. But now instead of being raped and chopped up by Attila's warriors, or maybe some miserable crusaders, we can be still be cut into pieces in Africa, blown up everywhere else, and shot here. That's in addition to either being downtrodden, sent to fight and die in Iraq or maybe Durfur. And we can still get down to living like animals if the electricity goes out here. Yet we allow George Bush to send kids to senseless deaths in the sand; destroy our social programs; put the kibosh on national health care; and commit negligent homicide during a national emergency. Our educational system is in tatters; rich people would never send their children to public schools. Why are we tolerating this? It was better in the 70s and we put out Lyndon Johnson. I don't understand; it's insanity.



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