Sunday, January 22, 2006

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My Wonderful Cats and My Garden

That's Midnight Snack with Little Sammy on my shoulder. He died about 2 years ago at 16 1/2 yrs old.
Today's been busy. I've been cleaning all day. Cleaning, eating, having sex and cleaning some more. (Yeah, old people have sex too.) We put on a brand new sheet with Moonie getting wrapped up in it. I had to disentangle him, then I started bothering him so he got himself out of the bedroom. Autumn got smart, seeing Moonie, and she put herself on the headboard where she could watch but wasn't going to be thrown out.
I still want to finish working on the bathroom; it's not done, and with the new (red) sheet, I want to take a bath. Since I've been retired, the house is cleaner because I don't have to let it get so dirty. I can clean up little spills and use my fabulous rechargeable vacuum cleaner. Except in this little room where the cat food fell all over the floor yesterday. It feels nice and crunchy under my feet mixed with the little bits of kitty litter. The marvelous vacuum cleaner doesn't pick up hard cat food too well. I may have to sweep it up or figure out another solution before I get creepy insects.
I've been feeding the cats who live outside too. And I really have to clean up around the sliding glass doors out there. When there's soil and crap near an entrance, it's an invitation to mice. Yuck! Probably my kittens are a deterrent, but I don't need the challenge. Of course, the weather and my not wanting to venture outside is enough challenge. I hope the mice continue to reside somewhere else until the weather warms up and I can pay my friendly teenager to clean up the area. (I'm so glad I know one.)
He and his buddy planted my new tree for me last fall. My garden isn't complicated, but I enjoy watching the plants grow and I wish I could sit there without looking into the driveway watching the trash cans roll around. I think we're the only people fronting this alley with a garden. I used to sit out there on summer evenings relaxing with my dog Sammy. My giant Weeping Willow blocked the sight of cars and garbage but then our neighbors complained incessantly and we had to take out my beautiful tree. That's where the Sugar Maple came in but it's tiny and not blocking any ugliness.
Oh well, eventually even with my depression, I want a nice house with a garden. I won't have an animal outside with me, so I'll just have to take a book. Meanwhile, my cats have gone to bed now, and I think I should take the cue. It's time to clean, take a hot bath with my library book .



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