Sunday, February 05, 2006

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Yesterday was Cousin Jerry's birthday; Brian took him out to dinner and today, we took Jerry and our son and daughter. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, a Thai-French one called the Alisa Cafe in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It's been a restaurant week anyway because we've been out at dinnertime. Last night was seafood, the night before was home, but the night before that we were downtown and ate at Brigid's, another restaurant I like a lot. I can't remember what we did Wednesday except that I water my plants that day.
Tuesday the guys start working on the bathroom, tearing out the walls and eventually putting new ones in. I'm totally freaked about the impossibility of doing my normal toilette. I'm a woman with about six flavors of body creams which I revel in after baths. I love big soft towels and being about to brush my teeth without searching everywhere for the toothpaste. My brother would be fine with my coming to visit the whole time--in LA--but Harry can't stand to be without me. Ugh! One day in chaos and I'll be packing my suitcase. Of course, I'll still have to find my toothpaste because they will have started.
I'd miss our friend Leah's retirement party and that would be a shame, especially since Harry probably wouldn't go either. I'd be perfectly willing to postpone whatever appointments I have but we'll see.
My hair is becoming half and half--half gray and half blondish, besides being thin and straight. Being straight is a new development that I assume is a gift of one of my medications, but I'm not worried about it. I'd want to get my hair colored before I flew off though. That sounds strange even to me. I'm seeing a very thin or balding spot on the back of my head; I have to have it colored to ascertain if it's just the color. My sight isn't what it used to be (and neither is my hair.) I'd still like to play around with a wig or two; I miss long (thick) hair so much; putting it up and wearing it in different styles is fun. Since I don't want to spend a lot on wigs, I probably will get one someday.
I visited my girlfriend Theresa Friday; she and her daughter Kayla have magnificent hair. Kayla's is in braids about to her waist. They moved to Ardmore as part of Theresa's job and it was surprisingly easy to get there. So far, I'm finding my friends are still within reach. I thought Ardmore was near Exton, really far from Oxford Circle. It turned out to be just a few miles from Brian's. Theresa's an excellent artist who works at it and her being not too far away is a gift. We can draw together (if I can get myself moving.)
Honey gave me Reiki today toward helping me get myself together. I don't know what's necessary, whether I'm okay, or somewhere else. People always ask me if I miss work and that's ridiculous; I've been set free. Some of my issues are the same ones I faced dealing with obnoxious co-workers, but now I've got the energy and time to examine my feelings. I escaped the mini-minded tyranny of bureaucracy and the ignorance of the unenlightened. (Oh boy, doesn't that say it?!)
I worked with some nice people, some decent, and some with serious deficits. Jobs and promotions were always bestowed on relatives and friends. Regular people benefited only if they were between those two categories. Women, especially educated Jewish women and women of color were second class citizens there. The stereotypes were firmly in place. Being Italian or Irish gave anyone ten points on tests or transfers to better jobs. My last comment is I saw the administration drive a young woman to suicide. I think their involvement in her death was mostly through their lack of compassion and knowledge of mental illness.
When people promote the common American as all things good, kind and intelligent, I have to differ. Sadly, I believe people generally don't care a whit about anyone other than those folks who are close to them. I think most of our country is ill-informed and backward. If that were not true, W could never continue his rape of our nation.



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