Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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A Retired Day

Brian playing in his car while I sit on the step at the house next-door.
I put a fancy silvery/diamond-type collar on Autumn tonight; I found it at Petsmart. She hates it and has done everything in the world to knock if off. Moon has one that's just shiny silver, not fancy like hers. And I got them clumping litter which I hope won't smell as bad as the other. They don't use the expensive kittly litter box; they like the $10 cheapies that don't have the bells and whistles.
And we've bought two new sheets--one red with a lower thread count but RED, and one with a 600 thread count and a yucky shade of brown. The higher thread count sheets are softer and as it turns out, not much more expensive, especially if you buy sheets only every ten years as we do. We also bought a few sets of thick towels; our old towels felt thin and they were shredding. They actually don't last as long as sheets and that sucks.
Lastly, I've been buying pajamas because suddenly I'm cold at night. Over the years I bought a lot of sexy nightgowns and now I freeze in them. So I've got about four pairs of nice pajamas now; Harry thinks these are sexy too. He gets turned off by the raggedy outfits I otherwise put together. I bought one pair of pajama bottoms in Strawbridge's today--that's another story--but I didn't buy the adorable sleeveless shirt that went with them. Why wear PJ's if you aren't going to cover your arms?
And Strawbridge's in Cherry Hill and downtown are closing. I don't go to the downtown one anymore because I'm retired but I do go to the Cherry Hill Strawby's. That was my standby store. I knew it would close eventually though when the original owners sold out to the May stores. Well, it's just shopping.
We were also looking for a rug to cover the water stain on our beautiful wooden floor in the living room. We have a big wool one but the stain is near the doorway. The big one was really expensive but it's gorgeous. These little ones were almost as much.
We're beginning to fix the house; that's why the rug. Last night, the fella who's going to do all the work came and gave us an estimate. We have to put all new tiles and walls in the bathroom because we have mold in there. And then there are lots of small jobs, some of which we have to do. And there begin the sleepless nights because I still don't want to do anything.
I want to magically be living in a spectacular new ranch house with a fireplace, attached garage, extremely functional kitchen and two plus big bathrooms. Somehow I don't think that's gonna happen. I have three floors overflowing with thirty years of our stuff and some from our parents. I'm not exaggerating and it is overwhelming reflecting on the coming days and weeks of work to get rid of all that stuff. It might really take a year of concerted effort; it's awful.



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