Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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The Joy of Cats

Today KeKay started working on our bathroom; we don't have a sink or mirrors in there anymore and all our "stuff" is out too. I'll have to root around to find my dental stuff in a couple of minutes. I thought all this confusion would drive me crazy but it isn't. Maybe I'll go crazy next week, but so far, I'm coping.
After KeKay left for the day, we went to Harry's mom's so we could both do what she needed then we took her to her doctor's appointment. It was a waste of time because her other doctor's office never faxed over her blood work as they promised. (That happens regularly in the world of new medicine.) Then we took Bubba out to dinner at her favorite deli. She ate very little and drank a little water and promptly started to cough and spit up into about twenty-four napkins which I kept requesting. She insisted she was fine but I wasn't; it's hard to eat when someone is throwing up across from you. I accidentally threw my icy glass of water onto my dress and jacket, but no problem, I was getting out. Harry's mom--Bubba-- has lost approximately forty pounds in about eight months because she really has no appetite. We've tried but we can't entice her with anything. The only reason she left her apartment was because she had a doctor's appointment. The only one eating well in her home is her cat Pumpkin. Whenever he walks into the kitchen, she figures he's hungry and she opens a can for him. He's got a great gig for a cat.
Pumpkin has a chronic ear infection from a past life so when I visit, I put medication in his ears so I'm not his buddy. He does seem to notice I clean his kitty litter though so he tolerates me. Our big guy, Moon, now has an eye infection which we think he caught from Autumn kitten, our baby. It's not wonderful to get the medicine into his eye but we're persisting. The vet thinks Autumn picked up a chronic respiratory infection from her littermates and whoever was with the bunch of kittens in her breeder's basement. The vet was "tsk tsking" when I said her breeder kept the cats caged in the basement and didn't invite me down. I realize that's a bad breeder. Good breeders bring the kittens into bed with them, never cage them, and charge at least $700 for a Maine Coon kitten who is to be a pet and never mated.
I'm thrilled with our Autumn though, sneezy though she is. She cuddles with me on the sofa every evening and in bed through the mornings. And Moon is the quintessential sweetheart male cat except that he never sits in my lap; he sits in Harry's. Moon is apple-faced with long gray and silver fur and Autumn has sharper features with red fur. We've always had cats and they've always been sweet; I guess we've been lucky. Oh! Autumn is just in to visit and remind me it's time for bed. So good night now.



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