Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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Getting Ready for the House Search (of this century for me)

It looks as though we'll be buying a house in either Whitpain or Roslyn; both are in the western part of Abington, a suburb of Philly. I wanted Glenside but there aren't any ranch houses for sale there. I'm not happy with either of these neighborhoods; they're too far out into the 'burbs. They've each got about a quarter of an acre which will look nice, but what can I do with it? Do I have to buy another dog? Should I borrow one because the place will be so big I won't have to worry about stepping in the shit? Or maybe I should put in a walking path because I'll feel as though I live in a park. Maybe this isn't a good idea. These two houses look nice though from the pictures and descriptions. Of course, the first house looked and sounded great too and it was almost a hovel.
But I can see the writing on the wall; the ranch house is coming and we're going. I know I'll enjoy being on one floor and having what I hope is at least close to my perfect house. Not my perfect location--we'll still be far from shopping, and I'm afraid it will be too conservative. One house even had a flag pole. Do they make cat flags that big? The idea of a flag pole, to me, reeks of a closed mind and, in W's world, fascism. All this sounds like cold feet to me.
I loved one weird house in Norristown; it's wild with an odd shape and lots of interior space. But it's too far. One nice one was in Jeffersonville which I think is just what it sounds like. Jipip.
I guess I'll be leaving one backward community for another one, except that this one will be packed with "Special Beans." Or at least folks who are sure they're right. I pray they won't be "To the right."
I just took a break and looked up where these two addresses really are. The Roslyn address isn't far from Abington after all. It's a hike to Jenkintown where we shop at Whole Foods, but it's close, I think to regular stores and not far from Glenside either. That house has an attic too, plus I could always dot the quarter acre with little storage houses for all the junk we collect and extra paintings. There! I found a use for all that land. Storage! And hopefully, I'll never have to clean it out. That will be for my kids I hope (after I kick the bucket.)
How will I get into Center City though? It'll feel like I'm traveling to another country. At least I'll be out of here though. It's odd; our little area is fine, but when you venture a few blocks north, east, or south it's getting poor. Summerdale is looking way better but drugs are now a problem there. Near Castor Avenue, the area is run down. The stores I liked have mostly moved or closed. I can't eat that much Brazilian or Korean food. The "American" food kind of sucks around here. Well, there are two places we go for dinner; one is Italian and the other seafood, and they're good. One is cheap and the other runs into money. The better ones are either in Jenkintown or elsewhere. Like Center City.
I'm rambling so I guess it's time to cut off. Tomorrow is my internist's appointment. I wonder what he'll say about my blood sugar having been 409.



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