Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Painting the house & looking for ghosts

No color today. I miss it. Nope, can't get it. Started painting woodwork today. Looks very good. Clean. Makes me dirty though. Getting the downstairs and upstairs hallway professionally painted. Should fix the back parking space too. Would be smart. People can't imagine parking there. Looks too small. Have to work on that. Too much to work on.
Dreamt of ghosts last night. Pretty un-scared around them if they're one at a time. See (dead) family in my dreams all the time & believe they're visiting. Saw one of my old neighbors here once when I was awake. A ghost. Very hazy. Thought she had the wrong house maybe. Used to sense spirits but can't now. Miss them. But I don't meditate & should. Forgot/ forget.
Time to brush MissAutumn.



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