Friday, June 30, 2006

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Sleepy stuff

Just caulked the bathroom floor. I'm getting good at caulking . Going downstairs to continue on another floor! Still working on our house. Seven people have come through but no offers. We don't get feedback either. Can't tell what isn't okay but I think it's the school and no parking. We cleaned up the garden yesterday to show there is parking. But I don't know. People have these monster SUVs now and they probably wouldn't fit.
Autumn had her surgery. She's now not able to have kittens, not that she'd ever been in heat at seven months, but I knew it had to be done. My friend doesn't do that with her animals but we always did. Years ago, when we moved here, our little Anise, a black persian mix, got out. She'd been spayed and luckily she came back to our doorstep. She was a little baby too, like Autumn. Next time Moon, our male Maine Coon, goes to the vet, I want him to have a chip put into his ear. He tries to get out and if he ever does, I want to be able to find him. He's a wonderful cat.
I guess it's back to work now.
Back here after dinner. Maybe tomorrow I'll paint the rest of the upstairs hallway. I did very good caulking jobs. I should coat them with polyurethane but I really don't want to spend the time. I'm annoyed that the house didn't sell yet and I know that's silly.
Last night gorgeous Alexis visited. It was difficult to get my tongue off the floor long enough to drink two very strong martinis but I did it. And after that I told him everything. Of course! He's lucky he got away. We haven't seen Alexis for about a year and he just looks edible. I know I said that. Just Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So I lectured him on WASPs and God knows what else. I'm glad he laughed.
Today, Lynne called while I was caulking and I told her I don't go to Rocco's anymore because I don't like some of the people. Lynne loves gossip but it's actually no secret. I'm working on the hurt I feel when jerks don't recognize what I possess. It really doesn't feel like a loss for anyone. Maybe it's just not meant to be. We can't all be on the same road.
I am so tired. Ugh. I should do:
scanning in pictures I did
get the Epson thing running. I don't want to though.



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