Saturday, July 29, 2006

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All I know is building a half-Ass website

I can't believe it: Harry's and my websites are off the air. We didn't renew the domains so--pouf! I just paid so they'll be back..whenever. I had no idea. I've been busy either cleaning this house, looking for a new house, sleeping, eating, or taking baths. That's it. But we went to Delaware Tuesday and found OUR house. I tried just now to paste in a pic, but it won't take it. Oh, well. The house is beautiful, as close to perfect as anyone can get in a house. It's the same size as ours now except the dining room is smaller and there are two more rooms, one a gorgeous sun room. And there's a giant garage behind the house. It's a split level with a quarter acre. I don't feel like writing so I'll have to say more next time. I guess I'm aggravated about the websites and my total lack of understanding relating to that.



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