Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Maybe Selling The House

This is one of my favorite pictures even though I don't believe in the philosophy behind it. I like the way it came out and the closeness you can see between the man and woman. The guys all loved the way she was built--she normally wore short, sexy clothes to parties with her boyfriend--but I didn't really understand what was going on. Why did she acquiesce to his desires and act as though she didn't want to? But they were happy and didn't need me to understand. Sometimes I don't have the capacity to get inside another person's brain and see life the way they do. I knew she was an unhappy person and he was brimming with anger and ambition. She seemed to feel beaten after a bitter divorce, but she had a career and probably more to offer than he did. I forget how little work matters outside what can be bought with the money you make. He had flair and determination..and the will to rule her life. It satified him and I guess, kept her from taking responsibility. Ah, well, you meet a lot of people in life and painting them gives me some insight most of the time.
I hope when we move I have some different subjects to paint--trees, places, and people. Plus my abstracts. We had our first and very possibly only offer on the house. Apparently, it looks good even though it's way less money than I hoped. The paperwork will be in Philly Saturday and we'll find out whether it's a go. Tomorrow Harry and I are meeting a realtor in Newark, Delaware to look at some houses. I wanted to go look at neighborhoods but my nature surfaced and I couldn't resist going inside. I'm hoping the sale goes through and we're moving on to the next phase of the moving process. There are a lot of things I'd like in a new home and the more of them I see the more what I want becomes clear.
By the way, the reason I haven't written for a while was our electricity--the box--was repaired but not correctly and the air conditioning and lights were off in here. It was unbearable between the heat and the kitty litter. This is the box the kittens poop in and sometimes I feel as though I'm going to pass out either when I'm cleaning it or just being in the room while they're relieving themselves. (I do change it frequently.)
I think everything that's fixed or not will stay that way if the sale goes through. I'm so tired of painting and working till 8 at night. Today, I polished the stairway on my way down to go out. More people were looking at the house when we left.
It's time to get to bed, or relax. I'm not sure which right now. Hopefully, I'll get some new pics in here if I'm done painting. I've kept drawing and decided not to add color unless I feel moved to do it.



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