Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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I can only write for about two minutes. (I know the picture is upside down. I started it from our balcony in Cancun about two years ago.) I can't stand the heat in here. The electricity is still screwed up. I told KeeKae we needed more amps and he didn't listen so the same circuit breaker has broken down, unable to be switched back on, four times. This time he slashed his hand while working and can't come fix it. So the AC and the lights don't work in here. A lot of the lights won't work including our bedroom. The kitty litter doesn't reek now so at least that's good. There's one in here. I change it all the time, but poop stinks and I think the kitten doesn't believe in covering.
We just had the upstairs painted because I realized I couldn't do it. I still have to do all the woodwork though. But it's the last of the painting I think. I finished all the woodwork downstairs and in the basement. Not all the lights work around there either so I hope it looks good. However, all the furniture is wacky because Bob the painter didn't put it back. He's coming back tomorrow and that will be the end so I'll be glad to live normally. I get depressed when the house is messed up.
We're doing all this painting and now a 200 amp service but nobody is coming to see the house. Not for two weeks. And when they did come, they ran through in literally five minutes. And didn't like it. They didn't pay any attention to the information about the house and so they were looking for a garage and stuff we don't have. Oh, Autumn's here for petting so I have to go.



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