Saturday, August 12, 2006

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We're planning where to put our furniture in the new house. I'm still packing, now down to the second floor and the basement mostly. The house is filling up with boxes. No, I don't mind; it's fine. It won't be fine though when we've moved. I'll have to work fast to put everything away. I find it depressing to be closed in by boxes and things that are in flux.
I'm so much looking forward to moving; to being there. Our little neighbor girls left today for a few years in Jordan. They're Palestinian and their parents want the girls to learn their culture instead of becoming average American brats. The two younger adorables will come back home after Mom's two month vacation. Mom dressed in the Arabic schmata outfit, hardly spoke English, but was a good neighbor by my estimation. She is a beautiful young woman, not surprisingly. The Palestinians and Israelis have the same DNA. Anyway, we'll be moving before they return and I'll miss the little girls.
It would be nice to have grandchildren but I can't simply order them. I love children and I'm good with them. I'll have to enjoy my new little neighbors.
I'm a little drunk right now, having had wine with dinner. It's time for me to do the dishes and then relax, but I love to write on here.
Time has passed; it's late and I'm not drunk. The dishes are done and I'm almost ready for bath and bed. I'm on the phone ordering house dresses from Lane Bryant. Yeah, I got that fat and that old. I like to work around the house in house dresses. All I need now are orthopedic shoes. I guess sneakers would do and I have them.
Nothing else is doing other than waiting on the phone line. I'd rather go pick out the clothes and they would probably be cheaper, but I don't have the time and I have only one of those dresses I've come to love so much. So it's time for google, the order and bed. G'night.



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