Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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Lupie and Bored

I'm so tired and I'm upset because I can't do what I want. The cat is The Winking Cat for a story by two authors I'm working with, but right now, it feels like a very tired cat, maybe a little dizzy, who's so tired he can't keep both eyes open. That's me. I went shopping with Harry and he went ahead to check out while I used the Ladies Room. While I was walking to the front to meet Harry again, I felt so exhausted and my legs felt as though they were going to give out. I freaked a little; I just wanted to get to the car and not fall onto the floor in the store. I know I should have been more caring to myself but I felt embarrassed.
This is hours later and I still feel dead tired. When we first got home, I just sat up here wanting to change and go paint the mirrors that will hang in the house. I couldn't do it. I could talk but typing was an effort.
Today were the mid-term elections and later I'll watch Jon Stewart and Colbert do the elections. I voted earlier and expect the dems to do well this time. If they don't, I'll know it's more republican chicanery. My feeling is we are living in a dictatorship; that we experienced a coup d'etat in 2000 and fraud in 2004 in order to maintain republican rule. I believe W, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of their crew are war criminals and people like Baker, Jeb, the Supremes, and that woman in Florida perpetrated a mockery of our election process.
I don't owe anything to W. I'm very grateful for all I have and that includes being born and living in the United States at this time in history. It may be this is the beginning of the end of our republic and that's sad. But it never was perfect. Jack Kennedy got all the votes of the dead in 1960 and I understand Truman didn't really win either. Apparently, the political parties have been playing loose and wild with our government for a long time. That doesn't make it right.
Other nations have long past us in health care, education, and care of the elderly. Too many of our jobs are being shipped overseas but the stuff we make and send out is shrinking. Our roads are holy messes--that's a pun!--and our citys' infrastructures are held together by duct tape. Forget rescuing people hit by floods or the failure of those crappy pipes and dikes. We live in the time of Katrina. Nothing the government tries to do works right. What are we going to do? This stupid war is bankrupting us and killing thousands of kids. For nothing. Things are worse in Iraq now than when Saddam was the "president." At least they had electricity and we had live kids and money in the bank.



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