Saturday, November 18, 2006

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The Ugly Freezer Searching For Its Home

Just writing for a minute. Have another headache and I know if I don't take meds, it will only get worse.
Furniture came today. Family Room looks cozy. Paintings are up and fireplace tools are out. Freezer can't go in there but I worked out where it can go. My daughter made a good suggestion & I'll follow it through. Kitties will lose their kitty litter spot, but it will be okay. Wish I had more room but I've never had so much room. House will be full up. Guess next we'll be furnishing the attic. Actually, if I could manage the steps, I'd use it for storage. What it is is that all the rooms are public rooms. There is no convenient basement for needed stuff that's too ugly for the living room. That's the problem. Everything is pretty with no hiding spots.
Definitely headache time.




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