Saturday, July 05, 2008

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Our Kids At War

I'm feeling uncomfortable with the holiday today. I mean our kids are being killed in Iraq and Afganistan. Like most people, I'm used to the sales and barbecues on holidays. Today, I just thought about our soldiers and worried for them. I was one of those people who questioned the invasion of Iraq from the beginning, probably because I didn't trust Bush or his cronies. Plus, I knew it would be important to chase bin Laden. Our soldiers and our allies' soldiers are suffering and dying in Iraq, in my opinion, for no reason. We would all love to see a real democracy in Iraq, but the chances of that are nil. As bad as Saddam was, if we wanted him out, I can't understand why we couldn't have picked him off. Well, we didn't. We've spent all of Bill Clinton's surplus and put our grandchildren into debt supposedly making over another nation. Our nation needs a totally revamped program of education, health, and infrastructure, but we went in to Iraq and made a mess out of that country. Now Bush is hinting about the danger of Iran? Gov.Bush is like a black cloud. Everything he touches turns to sh*t. (I'm not convinced the governor has truly won any election since the governorship.) Anyway, American, Brits, and Aussies are over there in danger's way, so I said a prayer for them. Whether one believes we had an obligation to invade Iraq or not, our soldiers are there. A large number of them joined the Reserves and National Guard because of the college tuition, not expecting to be in the trenches. But there they are. They fight in our name and rightly, this day belongs to them. God Bless and keep them.
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